Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Ever since the end of tax season I have thought of many things to blog about, but then I get home and there's dinner and dishes and laundry and kids and grand babies.............have I mentioned how distracting adorable grand babies can be..........and by the time I open the laptop I have decided "tomorrow" would be a better day to blog.


So I am going to try and get back in the grove even if it just a little at a time.

In case anyone missed the pictures, I now have 2 granddaughters. Emily Payton and Aurora Eden. They are squeezable, powder scented, and perfect. The oldest is crawling and pulling up and the youngest is smiling and starting to coo.  Now how am I supposed to get anything done with all the going on????

On top of that we have 4 new animal family members.

2 fancy mice, whose names change constantly and who my daughter has decided hate her.
2 baby bearded dragons - Mooshoo and Nofeugo.  According the lady at the pet store and everything we have read - they need to be talked to, held, petted. ALOT.  (So does everything else in my house). So that takes time that has to be structured since, apparently, they need EXACTLY 12 hours of daylight and EXACTLY 12 hours of dark according to my husband. And he is very obsessive responsible about making sure they get EXACTLY that. A man who, most mornings, has no idea where is wallet, keys or shoes are; get all bent out of shape if the dragons lights are not on and off at precise times.

(This is the same man who googled why some hair on the back of our -then- year old Rottweiler was wavy.)

Speaking of Nikko (the Rottweiler) and Karma (pit/boxer mix); they might run away if we bring 1 more thing into the house. They are VERY spoiled and enjoyed being our babies.
Then came the cat (Marco)
Then Emily
Then Aurora
Then Mooshoo and the unnamed mice
Then Nofeugo

Do you know what you do when your hug deprived Rottweiler wants to be petted??? You pet him NOW!!

So between the dog hair, dog drool, baby drool, mice, dragons, crickets (dragon food), bottles, dirty diapers, dishes and never ending laundry - life is full.

But very good.


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