Friday, July 6, 2012

Cry baby

One of the things about me that surprises most people is that I am a crier. I don't just mean watching a sad movie, or witnessing the birth of a baby crier.

Yes, I cried when I gave birth to my children.
Yes, I cried when I watched both of my granddaughters come into the world.
I even cried at EVERY birthing class, EVERY time we watched a baby being born.

I can't watch some shows on National Geographic. If it shows something catching and eating something else I cry. Even a frog catching a fly.

Poor fly.

My husband and I go to the symphony each month and there have been times when the music has moved me to tears.

My husband laughed at me just 2 days ago when, as a 44 year old woman, I cried when Mufasa died in Lion King. I have seen the movied dozens of times but I can't stand thinking about how much it must have hurt to be trampled to death by the Wilderbeast.

Yes I have a complete grasp on reality - why do you ask. LOL

I cried reading "Decision Points" by George W. Bush.  Him describing 9/11 broght me to tears just like seeing it on tv.

Wednesday night we watched fireworks in our town. There was no music, which is a good thing. When we got home he turned on Macy's fireworks which has acconpanying music and I cried at certain songs. Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" will do it every time.

I am a big old softie.

And YES I cry everytime I watch Steel Magnolias, even though I know what's coming.


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