Saturday, December 15, 2012

Depressing post

I don't know if my life could get more boring. 

Back when I was in college, and working full time, and raising kids; I couldn't wait to have a free weekend to do nothing.  Now I wish I had just one weekend a month that was fun. 

It's probably my own fault.  I have friends but I also keep the grand babies alot. I need to learn to say no more.  The funk I have been in has also played a big role in it.  Even now I am not sure if I would go out if given the chance. 

I should be thankful for this quiet time. Tax season is just around the corner with it's longer days and working every Saturday. I will once again be wishing for a boring weekend.

I need to start cooking again. I love to cook but I haven't felt like it lately. Add in the fact that I wasn't eating and I just didn't see the point.  The girls all work in restaurants so when they work it is basically just me, and a grandchild or two, and I don't know how to cook for one.

Christmas is right around the corner and I have done nothing. No tree, no decorations, nothing.  And I don't want to.  I am not even looking forward to cooking.  I hope the New Year is truly a new one, cause this one has sucked. 

Work has been going well.  Working on a few big projects which has kept me busy and, most times, my mind off other things. So maybe tax season will be a blessing in disguise.

For now, I just try to make it though to the next day.


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