Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blog Challenge - Day 2

20 things about me.

1. My favorite color is red.
2. I'm 46 and still scared of the dark.
3. I'm terrified of electricity.
4. I like Hello Kitty but only my children know.
5. I always wanted 10 kids. God blessed me with 6.
6. I hate mayonnaise.
7. I believe in ghosts.
8. I'm afraid of heights.
9. I love to read. As long as it's NOT a romance novel.
10. I've very picky about certain office supplies. NO black pens, blue only. I usually buy my own since I don't like what they have at work. NO small paper clips. Large, smooth only. The sound the grippy ones make on paper make my teeth itch. Lol
11. I might be a little OCD.
12. I also love music. All types. I own everything from Chopin to Dr. Dre.
13. I have 3 dogs. Nikko (Rottweiler) Karma (pit/boxer) and Bella (Shiz Tzu). They all sleep with us.
14. I also have 2 cats. Menessa and Luna. They don't sleep in our room since they play ALL night.
15. I have 2 grand daughters. Emily and Aurora. And it's true, grand kids are more fun. Lol
16. I got accepted into the Navy after high school but eventually turned it down.
17. I have owned my own restaurant and loved it.
18. I didn't set out to be an accountant. I originally wanted to be a marine biologist.
19. I could eat Mexican food everyday.
20. We have homemade Mexican at Christmas.

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