Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blog challenge - Day 1

Every year I promise myself I am going to blog more.

And every year I don't. 

I think of great topics or ideas or just life stuff, but time and work get in the way.  This year I came across a 31 day blog challenge and thought, COOL.  Of course today is the 11th and I haven't started.  And I wasn't going to.  I mean I didn't start on time and I can't break the rules. 

Then I thought.........RULES????

It is my blog and if I want to start a 31 day blog challenge on the 11th I can.  What is the worst that can happen?  The blog police will come and take away my blogging right??  


So here is Day 1 - Introduction

My name is Alesia and I am 46 years old.  Yikes!!  46!!! That is way to close to 50 for my comfort.

Anyway, I live in Robertsdale.  A small town in lower Alabama.  I am an accountant and I will hopefully start reviewing to take my CPA exam later this year.  I have 6 children, 2 granddaughters, 3 dogs and 2 cats. (no wonder I have no time to blog)

I love to cook and read.  I combine the two by always cooking from a recipe. Even if I have made the dish 1000 times I will pull out the recipe and read it.  I love the order of it.  Probably why I am a good accountant.  Accounting involves rules and laws and steps. Feeds my inner OCD nerd. 

I was born September 23, a cusp, so I am both Libra and Virgo. 

Yes I love order and following steps but I have a creative side.  I love to be spontaneous and crazy AFTER I have done everything else in an orderly fashion.

Yes it drives my husband crazy, why do you ask. 

I was an only child but I was most definitely not spoiled.  I didn't know my bio father until I was 15 and my step "father" hated kids.  I spent a year of my life in foster care (my choice) before leaving my mothers house at 15. I have been working and paying bills for 31 years.

I hated being an only child but looking back I am so glad my mother never had another child.  I could not have left that child in that house when I left and I certainly could not have taken care of him/her.  I know I would have tried.  Flying below the radar at 15 and living in the projects would have been a lot harder. 

But I graduated high school and eventually at 24 built my own house that I still live in today.  It isn't huge but it is home.  

So what else...............

I am a huge Lebron James fan. 
My 3 favorite football teams are:
Greenbay Packers
Washington Redskins
and anybody playing Dallas. 

I really, really don't like Dallas.

I guess that's all for now. 

We do have 30 more days.  YAY!!


Janie Lee Finley said...

You is crazy...and I love that!

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