Thursday, December 8, 2011

School update

It has been two weeks since I posted anything. Time has simply gotten away from me.

So what has been going on..................

It is finals week and I was really optimistic until Tuesday.
Tuesday morning I woke up and drove Lindsay to school at 6:30 for ROTC. My stomach hurt and I was uncomfortable sitting in car. I didn't give it much thought. Assumed it was normal "stuff" for the abdomen area and would go away shortly.

Well it didn't.

I could  not stand up, I could not get relief sitting or lying down. I called into work.
The pain intensified over the next two hours and when the vomiting started I freaked out. I woke up Ashley to drive me to the hospital.

I got an IV, a shot of intense pain killers and a CT scan.

I have a cyst on my ovary.

I had heard they were painful but I had no idea just HOW painful. I was released around lunch time and went home to bed. I was out of it the rest of the night. Wednesday I was not much better. No pain but so tired I had trouble staying awake if I sat down.

And now it is Thursday.

One of my professors emailed us our final Tuesday night so we could work on it - it is due Thursday by 8:00 pm.  Well I lost Tuesday night and Wednesday night to work on it. So I am leaving work today at 3:00 to go home and work on it and turn it in by 8:00.  Not looking good.

I have another final tomorrow during the day and I have no time to review for it.

Good or bad I am looking forward to coming home Friday night - this semester will be over.


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